Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jett and Dr. Loi

Another jam-packed day yesterday which started with one of Jett's favorites, a visit with Dr. Kimberly Loi. We are open to all forms of treatment, and Dr. Loi's expertise is in Eastern medicine and acupuncture has definitely helped Jett.
 Jett's been seeing her for a while, but yesterday was the first appointment with her that I attended. Dr. Loi has a very quiet, gentle way about her, but she knows her stuff. She's one of the most perceptive people I've ever met. She was able to help Jett with his eye, which was puffy and red. She diagnosed the problem and treated it quickly. We saw results instantly.
Before she left, she glanced over at me and although she never met me before, mentioned how I needed water, and that although I like bland food, I sometimes crave sweets. She hit the nail right on the head. I ALWAYS have water nearby, I think ketchup is too spicy, and my favorite comfort foods are chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and peanut butter cups. How did she know that? Kinda scary....

Jett's next problem, and the one we're dealing with on a grand scale right now is his teething. The poor little guy is in major pain, so we're trying to take it easy on him with all of the running around and spread it out a bit. But he's already dealt with a lot in his life, and I'm positive he'll handle this too.


Anonymous said...

His smile is ADORABLE!!!!!! Please post more pictures of Jett smiling.

Kenny Durkin said...

If only it were that easy Ilea. Jett smiles quite often. But he's a quick little guy, so it's hard to capture that smile on film!