Saturday, March 26, 2011

Megacon 2011: Day 2

For the second day of Megacon, I was joined by Alex, (who will be with me tomorrow as well). Apparently, it was "Bring your kid to the convention day" (otherwise known as "Saturday"), because all my fellow artist friends brought their kids as well. They even dressed up!
 That's Mike "Locoduck" Duron's daughters Hailey, as Hitgirl and Maya as Poison Ivy with Alex as Voolvif Monn, the wolfman Jedi.
Later Alex met up with Barry and Jenny Gregory's kids, Fox as Cap'n America, Molly as Wonder Woman and Chloe as a mummy.
 Alex's friends from school stopped by too!

I sold a bunch more books, and did some sketches in a few people's sketchbooks. A lot of people have "themed" sketchbooks in which select artists are asked to draw whatever they wish within the confines of a particular theme. The theme is usually of a certain specific interest to the customer.
In this case, the sketchbook's theme was "Fat Animals". I drew a fat cat on the beach. He looks like a distant cousin of Kit's dad in Black Cat Bone. (If you haven't read the book, BUY IT NOW! Just click the link to the right).

 This person's sketchbook was themed "Priests and Nuns" The rest was open to interpretation, so I went with a rocking nun (with a ruler fretboard). Unbeknown to me, the customer was a huge Sister Act fan, and loved the drawing I did.
 It's not a party until Gonk shows up.
 He's alive, and in perfect hibernation.
This guy looked just like a young Christopher Reeve.
 End of day exhaustion. Could I have bigger bags under my eyes? Time to go rest up, I have one more day of the con to go!

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