Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jett and The Carolina Institute for Developmental Studies

The Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities is conducting a research study to learn about early brain development in Down syndrome, and Jett has been invited to take part in the study.
The CIDD's goal is to examine the size and shape of the brain as it develops in individuals with Down syndrome at multiple points in time. The hope is to learn more about the early development of the brain and how this may relate to the cognitive (thinking) and behavioral characteristics of Down Syndrome.
For this particular study, they will look at Jett's structural brain development through the use of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). They will use computerized techniques to analyze the MRI data and make measurements of the various structures of his brain. To determine how structural brain development contributes to overall development, they will also perform a series of developmental assessments on Jett.
The video below focuses on autism, but there are similarities with the DS study involving Jett.

We will be traveling up to North Carolina Monday for the study on Tuesday and will be returning Wednesday. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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