Tuesday, March 08, 2011

North Carolina: Day Two

Action packed day for us. Today started early with an appointment at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities. It was a two hour assessment that preceded his MRI scan. The assessment monitored Jett's development through countless exercises including visual tracking, auditory tests, mirroring, patterning, stacking and placement, fine motor skills, balance, eye-hand coordination, facial recognition, memory, and many, many more. Jett was described by the assessor as a "Rock Star" (which he most certainly is!) Jett did an amazing job and was patient and focused. 

Next we met the MRI specialist and traveled to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill MRI location.

I love having my own parking!

After checking in, we entered the MRI area. There was a waiting room and a control room which were outside the main room which housed the MRI machine.  We had been briefed well in advance about what was to happen next. Jett was going to be placed in an MRI scanner. He will be sleeping during the scan, as it takes about 40 minutes (we had to schedule the scan for a time that he would normally be sleeping). No metal would be allowed in the scanning room (as noted on the sign posted outside the room pictured above), so his clothing, and our clothing could not have metal buttons, zippers or fasteners. No cell phones or keys either. The most important thing however, and the one thing that could jeopardize the entire procedure, was the actual SOUND of the scanner. The institute mailed a CD to us with the noises the scanner makes during the scan and we were to play it as often as possible to help Jett get used to the noise, and hopefully NOT wake him up. I'm going to try to get a sample of the noise for the blog so you can get an idea what it sounds like, but the volume is (as the institute puts it) is "about the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner." The sounds vary, sometimes its a knocking noise, other times it sounds like a table saw or a biplane. We were listening to it while driving around in the car. Imagine what other motorists might have been thinking if they heard it! Not the most soothing noise to listen to while driving either.

Jett took a while to calm down, and it was looking like we were going to have to give up and come back for the scheduled "back up scan" at 6:30. But eventually, the little guy tired and we were able to place him on the scanner bed and s-l-o-w-l-y put some headphones over his ears. Mommy was able to stay in the scanning room with him, which was pitch dark. I was outside in the waiting room. 

After the scan, the techs took a few measurements, and we were on our way. We still have some homework to do, a small stack of paperwork, questions etc, but otherwise we're finished and will get the results in a few weeks.

 Needless to say, we were hungry. So we went to a place that was recommended to us by on of the tcchs, The Spotted Dog.

The Spotted Dog is a casual restaurant featuring an eclectic menu focusing on local and organic dishes. The dog theme is shown in the photos and paintings of dogs inside the restaurant and even carried over into the restrooms (Fidos for men, Fifis for women and are emblazoned with photos of fire hydrants). Their motto: "Come, Sit, Stay".

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I had the Fish Po'Boy; crisp fried mahi-mahi on a toasted sub roll, remoulade sauce, lettuce, tomato and a side order of homemade beer-battered fries. Andi had the crab cake sandwich with Maryland Blue Crab and homemade potato chips. We took home the...

Lemon walnut bread pudding with vanilla gelato.

For the rest of the day we stayed in a the hotel. We ordered pizza from Amante Gourmet Pizza.
We had the Via Blanco; whole wheat crust with olive oil glaze topped with mozzarella, provolone, baby Swiss, fresh basil, roasted garlic, Canadian bacon and fresh tomato slices.

Tomorrow we have a little time to goof around and then it's back to Florida. Ugh.

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