Monday, March 07, 2011

North Carolina: Day 1

Just a few short hours ago, our plane touched down in beautiful Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. Scroll down a few posts to find out why.

After picking up our luggage and rental car, our next concern was getting something to eat. When I travel, I try my best never to eat at "chain" restaurants or places I can normally dine in at home. We found a great restaurant called Evos.

It bills itself as "Feel Great Fast Food." They stick mostly to traditional American fare, but serve it up in a more sensible manner. Their beef and chicken are naturally raised, they air bake instead of deep-fry. Even their milkshakes are made with organic milk and real fruit. I had the 1/3 lb steakburger with cheese, lettuce and tomato with a side order of fries, Andi had the same, with a mango guava smoothies. Absolutely delicious, and virtually guilt-free. However, a little research revealed that Evos is in fact, a chain with locations on California, North Carolina and yes, even Florida. But how could I pass up a place that features FOUR different flavors of ketchup?
Next we checked into the Hampton Inn where we were delighted by the size of the suite we were provided with.

This is the kitchenette...

The view from the living room into the bedroom,

...and the bedroom.

We settled in for a little while, but it wasn't long before we were ready to eat again. This time we chose Cafe Harmony in Raleigh.

Cafe Harmony features a totally organic menu and supports local farmers.

I had the portobello burger; marinated portobello, provolone cheese and roasted peppers on ciabatta with homemade dressing. Andi had a tempeh reuben; seared tempeh, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on rye. We shared the tomato soup.

Now we're back at the hotel. We have to get up early tomorrow for Jett's assessment and first MRI attempt (he has a back up scan later tomorrow if he can't make it through the first one). Stay tuned!

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