Monday, March 28, 2011

MegaCon 2011: Wrapup

MegaCon 2011 is OVER! I don't know whether it's the fact that I'm getting older, that I'm desperately out of shape or that the convention was, in fact, incredibly demanding in every way, but I'm EXHAUSTED. I had fun though! I did manage to snap some pics on the last day.
Here's a partial view of the convention from the walkway overlooking the hall. The bottom right-hand corner has cots set up for a blood drive. Above that is the LEGO area. The area with the large black partitions is the celebrity area. The middle of the con is all of the vendors. Artist alley is in the opposite end. I was set up in the upper right-hand corner.
This is D'Shay, one of my new friends and easily my favorite vampire.
Tie Fighter head. How he makes it into a bathroom stall, I"ll never know.
One of my favorite games, Plants vs. Zombies!

"Wish", did somebody say "wish"? It's Jambi!

A study in contrasts.

Alex wore his DinoBoy shirt (designed by himself). He managed to accumulate all kinds of stickers, pins and badges, some of which you see here.
After the con. That's Michael McElroy, Alex, Cary Bivins and Big-Head Kenny.
I do happen to have some books left over. As always, you can order all of my books by clicking the links to the right. I'll get the new ones up there asap.

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